Skips network configurations and unintuitive editors

Wyliodrin enables fast access to the board, together with an easy to use editor. This allows educators to focus on teaching students how to build IoT applications, rather than explaining networking notions, commands specific to text editors and compiling commands.

Makes data processing seem like a piece of cake

Students need an easy way to process and analyze the data they gather from the sensors. By using the IoT server they can collect all the values and process them by using special Octave and R visual elements in an easy and intuitive way.

Removes hardware dependent code

Students can interact with different hardware, without the need to rewrite the applications. This makes the jungle of embedded devices seem less scary. Projects that use libwyliodrin for pin control can be run on multiple different boards without any adjustments.

Puts the “home” in “homework”

Our IDE remotely deploys IoT applications on devices, without the need to set up a specific homework environment. Students can work from home to program and monitor the embedded boards located in the lab. They can also share the projects for collaborative homeworks.