Our story

Our story starts from a previous adventure, which is the IP Workshop summer school.


The idea of Wyliodrin arose out of a need we had while organizing the IP Workshop summer school. This is a two week event where high-school and university students attend various IT courses, in order to build projects complementary to what they learn in classes.


One of the courses we tried to organize at the summer school, was Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi boards. However, the course did not achieve all its goals, due to the lack of proper developing tools for beginners. This is when Alexandru thought of building a tool especially designed for education, but which would be versatile enough so that anybody, from beginners to professionals could use.


The first prototype of the product was developed during a hackathon in 2013 where it won the Best Software prize. Further on, we took part in the Innovation Labs competition and won the Best Business award. These gave us the incentive to enter multiple other competitions and mentoring programs where the product was highly appreciated and we even won other several awards.


Driven by the certitude that we created a good product, which has potential of becoming widely used, we continued to development, took part in multiple IoT and startup events and got where we are today.